You bring the commitment

You must be willing to work intensively with us for 6 months

We help you take it to market

We work at your side and support you with everything you need, so you successfully launch your MVP by the end of the program

We provide you with superior market intelligence

Our market research team will give you the insights and big data analytics you need, so you make the best business decisions

We develop your technology with you

Our team of engineers will work with you to build your product, so even if you don't have a technical background, you can still run a tech company

Mentoring and industry advisors

Our industry proven mentors and experts will help shape your thinking around growth strategies and market penetration and will help you build a high performing team 

Entrepreneurship Training

You get access to educational materials and resources to help you think like and act like an entrepreneur 

Access to early stage investors

We'll prepare you for your first rounds of investment and connect you to funding opportunities 

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The Forge is a new generation accelerator, with a revolutionary approach to building successful startup businesses. Seeking real rates of return, not from the Unicorn hunting of traditional early stage investing, instead focusing on employing new processes leading to far better investment returns from more modest and realizable valuations, earlier exits and rapid Capital reinvestment.


Value creation


At the heart of our process is the understanding that technology is no longer the real value or differentiator of a startup. Increasingly the value of the startup is the team, the team’s personal and professional network and a sufficient and attainable revenue model.


This is due to the fact hardware is for the most part already a commodity, while software is itself devolving into a set of commodities – building blocks of modules, melded together through APIs and protocols to create virtually any mission-oriented system of virtually any complexity. This leaves leadership, the ability to think and work unconventionally, to build alliances and ecosystem networks as the real differentiator to startup success and value realization.


At The Forge, we carefully select candidate startups using advanced analytics-based evaluation, derived directly from Emerio’s big data and machine learning engine, AIME, with output tempered with deep industry experience, in order to evaluate:


i. The success probability of the value proposition and proposed business model, current, and over time to exit; and


ii. The success probability of the team; optimizing for leadership and business model development know-how and relationships.


Development capability


Instead of selecting for exceptional engineering prowess, The Forge, in partnership with Emerio, will provide top-notch development capability, across virtually all technology domains, so that startup leadership can concentrate on developing winning products/services by emphasizing customer segmentation, business ecosystems, Minimum Viable Product identification, and iterative feedback for honing or rapid pivoting of business models.




Leveraging Emerio’s big data and machine learning know-how and Artificial Intelligence engine – AIME, built in partnership with IBM Watson – The Forge works with startups who cover a broad spectrum of innovative technologies, business models and industrial segments:


Big Data, Computational Science, Machine Learning, Machine Intelligence, Data Intensive Medical and Financial Applications, Advanced Materials, Medical Imaging, Biopharmaceuticals, Telemedicine & Medical Devices, Cyber Security & Forensics.


Program structure

The Forge will provide a structured, hands-on entrepreneurship program lasting 6 months and taking on 2 cohorts of 15 startups each. 


The Forge will continue to fund and support startups after they have completed the incubator program, with Forge members continuing to serve as mentors, board members, or advisors, with startups also provided the opportunity to look to secure later rounds of funding through Forge and its investment partners.






Enrollment open, apply now!

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