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End Financial Exclusion

“The last sixty years have seen an explosion in wealth, as a direct result of the combination of Silicon Valley’s ability to create Alpha and Wall Street’s ability to make Alpha grow. Imagine what happens when the combined power of these two forces is introduced to the world’s poorest and most violence repressed communities. That is Unconventional Investing.”

E.M. Burlingame
Founder | Green Beret | Unconventional Investor


Unconventional Investing

"Unlocking Alpha" Where Others Can't

Unconventional Platform

Nothing, in the history of the world, has brought down borders while lowering barriers to entry as thoroughly and completely as blockchain is beginning to do. Built on Azure’s Ethereum solution, the Emerio Financial Platform puts you in control of Unconventional Investing, of building personal wealth while unlocking Alpha in communities now isolated from the knowledge economy.

Unconventional Program

Take the startup incubator capacities of Y Combinator or 500 Startups, combine them with the leadership identification and development capacities of Green Berets, throw in a highly dedicated community of former SoF Operators as mentors, coaches, investors, and you have the Forge Accelerator.

Our Team

Unconventional Intelligence

Adaptive Intelligence Modeling Engine

Drawing from the Ph.D. work of Emerio’s Founder E.M. and Co-Founder David, Emerio’s Adaptive Intelligence Modeling Engine (AIME) employs the latest in data science and computational engineering to provide improved market intelligence, allowing us to provide Emerio Financial Token holders with highly modeled investment options.

Crowdsourced Think Tank

The Honos Foundation is a crowdsourced think tank tasked with enabling the power of collaborative intelligence and development to provide academically rigorous community-specific research while also coordinating the efforts of all the many non-Emerio resources available to enhance and improve Unconventional Investing. 

Unconventional Leadership

Meet The Team

E.M. Burlingame

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Founder | CEO | Green Beret

David Robbins

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Co-Founder | CTO | Technology PhD

Len Leonidas

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Change Leader | CMO | Big 4 Consulting

Jeff Kula

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Operations | Green Beret

Jeffery Gintner

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Infrastructure | Project Management

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